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We can assist you with a wide range of personal injury litigation. We provide specialist advice for a number of complicated claim processes.


We guide you through using our specialist expertise and network of medical experts. We conduct a comprehensive investigation so you can get compensated a fair amount for your pain and suffering. 

Categories of personal injury claims:

  • Road accident fund claims
  • Medical Negligence claims
  • Birth injuries
  • Dog/animal bite claims
  • Injuries caused at shops
  • Unnecessary operations
  • Injuries sustained during operations
  • Substandard medical treatment
  • Incorrect diagnoses of medical conditions
  • Injuries sustained during an assault
  • Train injuries

It is encouraging to note that most people are insured against such eventualities, either through household or medical insurance. This means that recovering damages from the defendant at the end of the case is not that difficult. Let us investigate your claim.