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Conveyancing entails the legal process where the ownership of immovable property is transferred.

What can you expect from a conveyancer?

  • Protect the interest of his client, the Seller, at all times and these interests should outweigh all other considerations except of course issues of legality;
  • Inform of the conveyancing process and keep client informed of the progress of the transaction;
  • Furnish advice on the content of the Offer to Purchase;
  • Furnish advice on the cancellations of a bond, penalties, notice periods and other administrative charges;
  • Obtain instructions to issue guarantees;
  • Registering the transaction on the date agreed to in the Offer to Purchase;
  • Advise client on the obligations in terms of the Offer to Purchase.

If considering transferring your immovable property, contact our conveyancing department for a quote.